MA World Music Studies (Distance Learning)

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  • Distance learning makes this course accessible to students anywhere in the world and to those wishing to study part-time

  • Intensive residential weeks allow students to participate in lectures, practical workshops, individual tutorials and field trips

  • Online support through individual e-tutorials, group discussion forums and online study materials

  • Open to applicants without a first degree in Music who have appropriate musical experience

World Music Studies is intended for musicians, educators and enthusiasts who would like to know more about the music of the world and the academic discipline that studies it, ethnomusicology. We interpret ‘world music studies’ quite literally as encompassing, in principle, the study of any and all musical activity in the world: Western as well as ‘exotic’, popular as well as classical, amateur as well as professional. This study is pursued through practical methods such as fieldwork and direct participation in the music studied as well as library research and theoretical interpretation. Students gain both a deeper knowledge of the world’s musics and a set of skills for discovering and communicating new knowledge about music.

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Student feedback:

“Since completing my MA in World Music Studies, I have had the opportunity to make great strides professionally. I have presented my dissertation topic "World Music in the International School Setting" at four conferences in Athens, Madrid, Lisbon and Florence, and assisted other international school teachers in setting up alternative percussion ensembles in their schools. The course helped me define a new direction in my teaching career and I am so thankful for that opportunity.”

Joy Edenfield
Director of Secondary Music, Carlucci American International School of Lisbon