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Animal Ocarina (photo: Adrian Moore)

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The relationship between biology and culture in musical experience has long been a fundamental issue in the study of music.

The Conferences on Interdisciplinary Musicology promote collaborations between sciences and humanities, between theory and practice, as well as interdisciplinary combinations that are new, unusual, creative, or otherwise especially promising. This conference brings together representatives of the arts and humanities, the sciences, and musical practice, with an interest in understanding how culture and biology shape musical experience.

Featuring collaborations between experts from different disciplinary backgrounds, the conference aims to promote dialogue, share concepts and methodologies, and provide a forum to bring together related work happening across disciplinary boundaries.

Keynote speakers will be Prof David Huron (School of Music, Ohio State University) & Dr Lauren Stewart (Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London).

Please explore the website for further information about the conference.

CIM10 is directed by:
Dr Nicola Dibben and Dr Renee Timmers
Department of Music, University of Sheffield
34 Leavygreave Road
Sheffield, S3 7RD

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