'Sources of Identity' Conference - Music Sources in Sheffield

MSSO3211vii imageSheffield is home to five music sources dating from before 1600, spread across three collections.

The collection of Ruskin’s Guild of St George, which is held by Museums Sheffield, includes a beautiful and well-preserved French Missal, dated 1300-1350 (ref. no. CGSG03211). This vellum manuscript contains a number of high-quality historiated initials. During the conference it will be on display in the Millennium Gallery in the centre of Sheffield.

JC915a imageJC915b imageThe city archive, Sheffield Archives, contains single-leaf fragments from two medieval service books. JC915a, largely well-preserved although cut down at three edges, has sequences for St Andrew the Apostle and St Nicholas of Myra. JC915b, in poor condition and in places illegible, has the beginning of the Mass for the Nativity of St John the Baptist; later annotations on the recto include the year 1568.

Gradual imageThe University of Sheffield’s Special Collections contains a complete copy of a rare Gradual printed by Giunta in Venice in 1572. Also of interest is MS 44, a substantial fragment of a 12th-century Italian Psalter including canticles. Although the original scribe supplied no music for the Psalms, a later (17th c?) owner has added music notation for several antiphons beginning at the bottom of the page containing Dixit Dominus.

Psalter image