Conference - 26-27 March 2008, The Spanish Humour

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Continuo style, theatrical traditions and performance practice in 17th- century Hispanic music. Sheffield University (UK), 26-27 March 2008.


Academic papers, lecture recitals, performance workshops.

Musicologists meet Performers

This conference on Spanish 17th-century music, hosted by early harpist and Spanish baroque ensemble director Andrew Lawrence-King, is intended to provide a forum for exchange of views between scholars and performers, with a clear focus on the distinctively Hispanic qualities of this repertoire and its performance practice. Accordingly, preference will be given to academic papers offering insights applicable to performance, and to practical sessions that are directly research-based.

In this context 'Hispanic' should be understood as including not only Spain and central/South America but also Portuguese and Sicilian/Neapolitan music of the Spanish school.

The 'long 17th-century' is also recognised, with a preference for topics related to earlier, perhaps 16th century, Hispanic traditions as opposed to early 18th century Italian influences.

The conference coincides with the annual conference of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and there will be a combined Hispanic music session for participants of both conferences in the afternoon of Wednesday 26th March, at which Professor Louise K Stein (University of Michigan, USA) Christopher Webber (London editor of the on-line Zarzuela magazine, and Andrew Lawrence-King (Sheffield University UK & Helsinki Stadia, Finland) have been invited to speak on topics related to Zarzuela and early Spanish opera.

That same evening, there will be a staged performance of /Celos aun del aire matan /(Madrid, 1660: libretto by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, music by Juan Hidalgo), given by Sheffield University students directed by Andrew Lawrence-King, to which participants of both conferences are invited as a part of the conference package. The performance, a revivalof the first UK production of the opera in February 2008, will take place at St John's Church, Ranmoor, Sheffield.

Accommodation will be provided at the University's Tapton Hall of Residence, adjacent to the University Music department. All conference sessions will take place at these two venues.

200-word abstracts, or brief outlines of proposed practical sessions should be sent care of Prof Jane Davidson, Sheffield University to arrive by 8th February, for immediate response.

email : Jane Davidson

Please feel free to copy these abstracts to Andrew Lawrence-King, and/or to contact him directly with your suggestions and questions on academic/musical matters.

email : Andrew Lawrence-King

Please address any Hispanic, practical, financial or administrative questions to the event organisers at Sheffield University, Anthony Trippett (Senior Lecturer, Hispanic Studies Department) and/or Stewart Campbell (Concerts Assistant, Music Department).

email : Anthony Trippett

email : Stewart Campbell

View details of the opera Celos aun del aire matan