Research Ethics

All research involving human participants or human tissue samples that is carried out by staff or students of the University of Sheffield requires ethics approval. The approval process follows policies and procedures established centrally by the University Research Ethics Committee, and is supervised locally by the departmental Ethics Administrator in conjunction with the departmental Ethics Committee. Staff and students planning research requiring ethics approval should submit an ethics application at least two weeks before the start of work on their project, as approval must be received before work begins.

All ethics applications should be made through the online ethics system here:

Information on how to use the online system can be found here:

The ethics policy itself can be found here:

A concise ‘Ethics Briefing’ can be downloaded from a link at the right hand side of this page.

Any questions not answered by these web resources should be directed to the Ethics Administrator:

Semester 1, Dr Renee Timmers

Semester 2, Dr Andrew Killick