Software Tools

USSS is one of the first major University studios to actively move to and support open source software. Using Ubuntu Linux we make our own sound shaping tools and give them to students on arrival (using pure data, csound and supercollider). At level I (undergraduate) students use our toolkit to make sonic art and learn the basics of sound transformation. During level II and III we open up these 'patches' and examine precisely how they work.

image of pd patchDownload the USSS toolkit for Puredata and Csound (using Blue)

Understanding (adapting and extending) software tools for composition is vital to develop an original voice. Increasingly compositions are tablet based, interactive, installations or involve intricate HCI or visuals. We offer all postgraduate students an opportunity to get their hands dirty with graphical tools, text based software such as supercollider and csound and finally help you write your own software.

If you want to engage with software at this level come and visit Sheffield and apply online.