Sound Spatialisation

Sound diffusion concert presented by USSS

USSS continues to populate its loudspeaker orchestra and uses our own system for electronic diffusion in concerts. Sound diffusion is the most important presentational aspect of the composition process and is intimately linked to the acousmatic aesthetic.

If you are interested in performing your works using our sound system, please contact the studio director, Adrian Moore.

For full details of concerts and spatialisation workshops see the USSS concerts page.

Research is ongoing into the ways sound diffusion and live performance of electroacoustic music can be more closely intertwined. Download 'The fractured acousmatic in performance: a method for sound diffusion with pre-composed materials'. If you are interested in pursuing this kind of research, apply now and come and visit Sheffield.

Movie from Sound Junction 09. Robert Dow locates speakers in preparation for rehearsal of his piece 'Burnt Umber'.