PhD Research Projects


Name PhD Title Email
Alejandro Albornoz Voice and Poetry in Electroacoustic Composition: acousmatic and algorithmic approaches
Ian Baxter Data Sonification as a Means to Generative Music
Vanessa (Sorce-Lévesque) Massera Performance in Electroacoustic Music


Name PhD Title Email
Nicola Beazley How do professional performers of contemporary folk and traditional music within the last 5 years, negotiate the relationship between creativity and tradition in the English Folk scene.
Xiao Gao The Musical Culture of the Chinese Diaspora in Indonesia
Helen Gubbins The Mediation of Irish Traditional Music in Irish Public Broadcasting, 1970-94 [Working title]
Kate Walker Taiko in the United Kingdom: the Development of a British Performing Art through Engagement with Communities of Practice
Michael Walsh "A 'Celtic' or 'National' aesthetic? Flute playing in the contemporary Asturian Folk Scene"


Name PhD Title Email
Bridget Coulter Exploring Girls’ Musical Judgements: Discourses of Value, Power and Selfhood in Girls’ Evaluations of Popular Music
Rebecca Dellow Fiddlers' Tunebooks' - Music and Musicians Observed Through Three Monophonic Manuscript Sources (1860-c1875). (working title)
Hannah Robbins ‘ANOTHER OP’NIN’, ANOTHER SHOW’: Reading cultural aesthetics and entertainment in Kiss Me, Kate
Serenella Sessini The Educative Role of Depictions of Musical Angels in Renaissance Italian Domestic Art, c.1420-c.1540

Music Technology

Name PhD Title Email
James Surgenor Exploring Compositional Methods in Electroacoustic Music: Comparing real-time and non-real-time software working methods


Name PhD Title Email
Henrique Meissner Teaching and learning expressive music performance
Mengjiao Yan Tradition and Innovation - The exploration of Stravinsky’s musical language in relation to his piano music

Psychology of Music

Name PhD Title Email
Jonathan Ayerst A psychological study of classical (musical) improvisation: with special emphasis on learning techniques.
Claudia Braz Nunes Lifelong engagement with music: Learning through the lives of Portuguese music educators
Miranda Cournane Investigating the authenticity of Higher Education Institutes as learning environments for students of music
Jessica Crich Multi-stakeholder perspectives of live music based services as part of dementia care in care homes within the UK
Caroline Curwen Music colour synaesthesia (working title)
Jacob Downs Space and embodiment in headphone listening
Ioanna Filippidi Involuntary Musical Imagery as conditioned by everyday music listening
Shen Li The embodied perspective on the perception and production of piano timbre
Nicola Pennill Working together: the interactive dynamics of chamber ensembles in rehearsal