Music Mind Machine in Sheffield combines musicology, psychology and computer science.


Our projects investigate perception of emotion in music and language, expressive performance of music in solo and ensemble contexts, and multimodal experiences of music. We do lab-based research as well as research in real-life contexts.

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Events and opportunities

Events include conferences, seminars and workshops, and a two-weekly reading group. We regularly host visitors and welcome applications from pre- and post-doctoral fellows who wish to spend some time in Sheffield.

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People and partners

The centre is directed by Dr. Renee Timmers and Prof. Nicola Dibben. We closely collaborate with partners in Computer Science and Engineering, Psychology and Medicine.

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Facilities and equipment include two dedicated lab-spaces, digital performance instruments, video equipment, a high specification digital sound studio, and equipment to measure movement, EMG, physiological and neurophysiological responses and reaction times.

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Welcome to the Music Mind Machine research unit