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Our research investigates the perception and expression of emotion in music, comparing it for example to the perception of emotion in language. Performing music expressively is a second major research theme, including expressive performance in musical ensembles. Our third strand of research investigates how different modalities such as vision, audition and movement interact in musical experience and performance.

Perception of emotion in music
Expressive performance of music
Multimodal perception of music
  • Synesthesia and musical memory (Caroline Curwen, PhD project)
  • Cross-modal perception of music (Renee Timmers, Zohar Eitan, British Academy International Network)
  • Embodied and enactive music cognition (Andrea Schiavio, PhD project)
  • Modelling sensori-motor learning (Giacomo Spigler, BioHybrid PhD project) 
  • The role of cross-modal information in inter-performer communication (Renee Timmers, Leverhulme International Academic Fellow)
Music in everyday life
  • Space and embodiment in headphone listening (Jacob Downs, PhD project)
  • Musical imagery as unconditioned response of music listening (Ioanna Filippidi, PhD project)
  • Music and gambling (Stephanie Bramley, PhD project)
  • Music's role in shaping sociability: the case of young people and marginalised youth (Kate Wareham, PhD project)

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