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Music and Wellbeing at Sheffield combines expertise and state of the art methodologies from music psychology, social and health sciences to document and investigate the role and impacts of musical experiences in both everyday and extraordinary wellbeing challenges.

Music and Wellbeing has an applied focus: its research projects and outcomes aim to have maximum impact in multiple ‘real world’ environments including music schools, concert halls, medical hubs and people’s own homes. A special focus of Music and Wellbeing is to understand the relationship between music and memory function, a strand of research that combines applied work with cognitive behavioural laboratory techniques.

Music and Wellbeing’s research programme thrives on active communication with external collaborators and interdisciplinary academic input from across the arts, social and health sciences. The unit provides a hub for researchers who are keen to work within their community and to contribute to wellbeing outcomes in Sheffield, across the UK and wider world.

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Associated staff members

Associated members

Dr Victoria Williamson

Dr Michael Bonshor

Dr Georgina Floridou

Prof Ian Sabroe

Dr Renee Timmers

Jessica Crich

Michaela Korte

Kelly Jakubowski

Larissa Padula Ribeiro da Fonseca

Tabitha Trahan

Research collaborators

UK International

Prof Alan Baddeley

Dr Geoff Charles-Edwards

Dr Simon Durrant

Prof Graham Hitch

Dr Daniel Mullensiefen

Dr Jakke Tamminen

Brass Bands England

Live Music Now

Music in Hospitals and Care

Dr Elena Alessandri

Dr Diana Santiago

Prof Elizabeth West Marvin