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Tabi Trahan – Music and sleep

Two thirds of UK adults experience regular sleep disruption and 1 in 10 have a recognized sleep disorder, of which there are over 100 varieties. Music has significant potential as a sleep aid: it is low cost, portable, and side effect free (at low volume). Studies suggest that music aids sleep in special populations (chronic insomnia, hospital patients). However, no study has explored music impacts on the larger population; people with transient insomnia. Tabi’s study aims were to discover the ways people believe music helps improve their sleep. You can click on the link below to learn more and decide if you would like to participate:

Kelly Jakubowski – Musical sophistication and absolute pitch

This project represents a WUN collaborator with Professor Elizabeth West Marvin from the Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. We have combined our music psychology expertise and research resources, allowing us to build a new online assessment of both musical sophistication and a rare musical skill called absolute pitch.

This research will answer questions regarding the structure and functions of musical memory. Such knowledge will contribute to the development of music-based memory aids for education and wellbeing. Please follow the link below to learn more and for the opportunity to assess your own level of musical sophistication: