Research Seminar Series, February - May 2015

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Monday Research Seminars, 4.00-5.30pm in Ensemble Room 1 (G.03), Department of Music, Jessop Building, 34 Leavygreave Road, Sheffield, S3 7RD, except where otherwise indicated.

The Research Seminar Series is a series of talks by leading researchers at this university and elsewhere. The series is aimed at postgraduate students and staff but undergraduates and external visitors are welcome at every talk.

February Details
9th Edwin Roxburgh - 'A composer's raison d'etre'.
16th Katherine Butler (St John's College, Oxford) - 'From Orpheus the civiliser to Orpheus the ballad-seller: changing perceptions of myth and the powers of music in early modern England'.
23rd Simon Keefe (University of Sheffield) - 'Composing, Performing and Publishing: Mozart's "Haydn" Quartets'.
March Details
2nd Henry Stobart (Royal Holloway, London University) - 'Dancing in the Fields: Imagined Landscapes and Virtual Locality in Indigenous Andean Music Videos'.
9th John Rink (St John's College, Cambridge) - 'Chopin's afterthoughts'.
April Details
15th Catherine Laws (University of York) – 'Performance, subjectivity and experimentation'.
11-1 Ensemble Room 1, Dept of Music
N.B. Exceptional day and time!
20th John Young (De Montfort University, Leicester) - 'Sculpting sound and shaping form: some perspectives on electroacoustic composition'.
27th Philip Thomas (University of Huddersfield) - 'Pursuing a performance practice of experimental and post-experimental music'.
May Details
21st Tim Wall (Birmingham City University) - 'The line between jazz and not-jazz: music broadcasting and the BBC 1923 to 1953'.
NB: This seminar takes place in the Humanities Research Institute as part of the department's Graduate Study Day.