Dr Dorothy Ker - publications

Select List of Works and First Performances

"diffracted terrains: duo ii" (2007) 6´
for violin, french horn and piano resonance
for Crossing Continents

"six pieces locating the body" (2006) 30´
Bflat clarinet/bass clarinet with live electronics
Richard Haynes (clarinets)/Dorothy Ker (computer)
Die Badcuyp, Amsterdam, December 2006

"gps for a known place" (2006) 30´
six pieces locating the body (see above) with projected digital video by Kate Allen and dance by Marina Collard
Gretchen Dunsmore (clarinets)/ Dorothy Ker (computer)
University of Sheffield Drama Studio, November 2006

"diffracted terrains: quintet" (2005) 17´
alto fl/bass fl, Aclar/bclar, vln, vla, vlc
for Lontano
St Michael's Lancing 11 Nov 2005
Purcell Room 25 Nov 2005

"Performance in Transit: dt remix" (2005) 15´
bass clarinet with live electronics and VRML animations by Kate Allen
Transversalities Conference Reading University September 2005

"diffracted terrains: duo i" (2005) 6´
bass clarinet and double bass
for Andrew Sparling and Corrado Canonici
Mayfest, Hertfordshire University, 17 May 2005

"le kaléidoscope d´obscurité" (2004) 9´
clarinet, bass clarinet, cello, bass
Ensemble 175East NZ Tour June 2004
broadcast Radio NZ

"The Truth of Fire" (2004) 17´
SSSAAATTTBBB and unseen narrator EXAUDI, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival ?November 2004

"[…and…11]" (2002) 10´
12 players
Lontano, Purcell Room, September 2002 ?broadcast BBC Radio 3, October 2002

"[…and…1]" (2002/3) solo clarinet in A (12´) recorded by Andrew Sparling for Metier Records

"Music for Quiet Spaces I/II/III/IV" (2001) 45´
a project for Year of the Artist?Mieko Kanno, various locations in Reading, 2001

"from States of Zero" (2001) 6´
violin solo?Mieko Kanno, Estorick Collection, January 2001

"The Third Dream" (1999) 12´
large orchestra
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, recorded reading on 23.01.03

"Water Mountain (1999)" 12´
bflat clarinet, violin and cello
Apartment House, Reading 1999

"Dreaming Iphianassa" (1997-98) 40´
stage work for mezzo, SATB soloists, ?unseen narrator and chamber orchestra (texts: Lucretius, James Ker, composer)

"The Structure of Memory" (1999) 12´
ten players commissioned by the Karlheinz Company?first performance Auckland October 1997 first perf. revised version Lontano, London, March 2000 broadcast Radio 3 March 2000 Recorded by Lontano on Lorelt LNT116

"Darkness and Light" (1995/98) 6´
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra?recorded reading, November 1998

"Three Etchings" (1995) 8´
mezzo and two bflat clarinets
Eleanor Meynell, Andrew Sparling and Sara Lee
ICA, London November 1995

"Solo for Cello" (1993/95) 10´
ACL Festival, Taipei September 1997
November 1995