Music in the City

Our vibrant student-led organisation, Music in the City, delivers musical events in a host of different settings including local schools and care homes. Students also work on projects like shadowing staff at The Sheffield Music Hub and hosting the annual Music for Youth Festival. These include performances, workshops, mentoring and any kind of project students can think up.


“Volunteering with Music in the City (MinC) has given me the opportunity to work alongside some fantastic organisations, take on leadership and organisational roles, learn new skills and get so much valuable experience with working with children and adults around Sheffield. Being a part of MinC has been one of the highlights of my university experience.“


“Music in the City has enabled me to work alongside children and staff of schools and organisations around Sheffield which is challenging, interesting, inspiring and most importantly an enjoyable way to gain incredible experience for my future career whilst having fun!” 

Megan Armson

Working as a volunteer is great experience and it counts towards your HEAR  (Higher Education Achievement Report).

It’s easy to volunteer to work with the Music in the City crew – just get in touch 

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