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We are committed to working in the wider community, to expand our work beyond the classroom and make connections throughout the city. This not only contributes to the lively place Sheffield is recognised to be, but also provides our students with valuable experiences and introduces new people to the university.

Recent Projects

  • Sinfonia Antartica was delivered in partnership with Sheffield High School and worked with four additional local primary schools, aimed at Year 5 Children. Our students worked with specialist outreach practitioners in classroom sessions. The project aligned with the Key Stage 2 music curriculum and participants were encouraged to use both musical and visual themes from the Symphony to create their own improvisations and compositions. The culmination of this project was a performance at Firth Hall; 150 children came to the University for the day to perform their new compositions alongside our orchestra.
  • John Ball, our World Musician in Residence, developed a project to look at incorporating elements of Indian musical structures into compositions with GCSE level music groups at Park Academy and Newfield Schools. The pieces were recorded in our studios, with voluntary support from our students, and contributed to their GCSE coursework.

Schools get involved

Music in the City

Variety is the spice of life, and each school has different needs. Music in the City is a vibrant student-led organisation providing one-off or regular events in local schools. These can include performances, workshops, mentoring and any host of other musical projects you can think up. Get in touch if you would like to explore how we can get involved with your school:

In our curriculum

A number of our taught modules engage with the wider community through placements or studies. Music in the Community, launched in 2013, explores the potential of running Community Music events with organisations in Sheffield. Music Education placement-based module, and our Arts Administration feasibility studies, also offer students and groups in the city the chance to complete sustained pieces of work to benefit both parties. We’re always interested to hear from new groups who’d be interested in working on research projects with our students.


We hold regular teacher consultations and work closely with the Sheffield Music Hub to ensure our work is relevant – if you are a teacher and have ideas on how we can work together to support both our students, we’re open to new ideas – please get in touch.

Students get involved

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It’s easy for students to volunteer to work with the Music in the City crew – just drop an email to the team:

For students that participate there are rewards – each time you volunteer it counts towards your HEAR – don’t forget to log them. Link to:


Fay Hield, Director of Widening Participation, Outreach and Enterprise: