Choral ScholarshipChoral Scholarships

Sheffield Cathedral awards up to six Choral Scholarships to students - four to tenor and bass singers and two to alto singers - from the University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam University.

What will my duties be?

The Cathedral Choirs (boys, men and girls) sing on five days of the week (not Monday and Saturday). The men of the Choir are required on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There is a 30-minute practice after evensong on Thursday, and choral services on Sunday in the morning and the evening, with rehearsals prior to both services.

As a Choral Scholar you will work alongside six Stipendary Songmen. As a Choral Scholar you are expected to be resident for the whole of the three choir terms.

How much is the scholarship worth?

Currently, Choral Scholars are paid £2064 in the first year, £2328 in the second and £2592 in the third. In addition, the Cathedral pays for singing lessons for each Choral Scholar up to the value of £300 per annum. There are also separate fees for concerts, broadcasts, etc, and these are usually the same as for a Songman.

What will I be singing? Where will I be performing?

The Cathedral Choirs have a large repertoire drawn from all periods. There are many other musical groups which use the Cathedral, and Sheffield has a very wide diversity of concerts, plays and other artistic events.

Besides the statutory services, the choirs have over the years undertaken a number of interesting concert engagements, regular broadcasts and commercial recordings.

The choirs have toured in this country and abroad, notably South Africa, Germany, the Netherlands, Paris, the USA, Germany, Northern France and Hungary. They also play a very important role in the University/Cathedral Arts festival, held annually.

How can I apply?

Further details and an application form are available from:

Master of the Music
Sheffield Cathedral
Church Street
S1 1HA
T: (0114) 263 6069
Sheffield Cathedral website

email :