Examples of the studies we support include:


Biodiversity assessments: eDNA studies of species distributions, pollination networks, effects of agricultural practises; 

Diet analyses: food webs, climate change, gut fauna;

Disease transmission: studies of drinking water systems, bacterial and parasite loads;

Genes and chromosomes: QTL identification, linkage mapping, evolutionary genetics;

Individuals: individual identification, abundance, territory sizes, distribution;

Species: genetic bottlenecks, hybrid identification, conservation biology;

Behaviour: behavioural ecology, mating strategies, mate choice, reproductive behaviour, dispersal, kin and sexual selection;

Populations: effective population size, population structure, landscape genetics (e.g. habitat fragmentation), spatial ecology;

Phylogeny: molecular systematics.


We are also able and willing to support various other types of studies; 

please contact Deborah Dawson (d.a.dawson@sheffield.ac.uk) to discuss.