How to apply

The NERC Environmental Omics Facility serves the UK science community, in the science areas that fall under the remit of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).


NERC Environmental Omics FacilityIf you need advice or would like to informally discuss your proposed project, contact Dr Deborah Dawson, the Visitor Facility Manager.

Successful applicants are provided with expert laboratory training and access to the equipment and facilities for an approved time period.

No charge will normally be made for using consumables or equipment in the facility, but users must make separate arrangements for their accommodation and travel costs.

Applications are graded by the Steering Committee using the usual NERC scale; the Steering Committee will decide which projects can be supported.

The Committee can reject applications from applicants who have previously failed to comply with the facility's Terms and Conditions of Facility Access and Use . The award of a NERC grant or studentship does not guarantee automatic access to the facility.

The NERC Environmental Omics Facility (NEOF)

Making state-of-the-art molecular genetics facilities and training available to the UK science community.