We're based in a large state-of-the-art laboratory, which creates an ideal forum for sharing knowledge and keeping up to date with recent advances of techniques and analysis.


We have dedicated technical support and a wealth of experience of the techniques involved. We are open to supporting a wide range of techniques.

Examples of the services offered include:

  • Metabarcoding (eg for studies of eDNA, species diversity, diet analysis, parasite screening)
  • SNP marker development and typing
  • Microsatellite marker development and typing
  • High-throughput DNA extraction
  • Quantitative PCR (including telomere length analysis)
  • Genotyping by sequencing
  • MHC genotyping
  • PCR sex-typing

We offer analytical support for all the techniques taught. 

Researchers visit Sheffield to use the facilities under the supervision of experienced staff - this provides an ideal forum for discussion and support of projects.

Projects that contribute to the training of research students or others are encouraged.

We commonly support projects involving metabarcoding, diet analysis, microsatellite isolation and genotyping, SNP-typing and sex-typing.

We are very willing to consider extending the range of techniques that we support - please contact Dr Deborah Dawson to discuss.

The NERC Environmental Omics Facility (NEOF)

Making state-of-the-art molecular genetics facilities and training available to the UK science community.