How to apply

To apply for the following courses, you should apply using the Postgraduate online application form, selecting the course code as follows:

Non HEE Funded Course Code

  • MSc in Genomic Medicine full time MEDT132

NOTE:  There are exit options of a Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits) or a Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits) should you need to withdraw from the course.

HEE Funded Course Codes

  • MSc in Genomic Medicine FT 1 year MEDT32 
  • MSc in Genomic Medicine PT 2 years MEDT33

  • PG Diploma Genomic Medicine FT 1 year MEDT34 
  • PG Diploma Genomic Medicine PT 2 years MEDT35

  • PG Certificate Genomic Medicine FT 1 year MEDT36
  • PG Certificate Genomic Medicine PT 2 years MEDT37

To apply for CPPD modules, please apply through the following link for MEDT38 and state which modules you are wanting to study in your statement Online application for CPPD