Sheffield Brain Tissue Bank

The Sheffield Brain Tissue Bank (SBTB) is operated by staff within the Department of Neuroscience and is housed within the Sheffield Biorepository at the University of Sheffield. SBTB consists of a local donor cohort of brain and spinal cord tissues from patients with Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and Dementias. This tissue is a central resource for Sheffield-based neuroscience research into these disorders but is also available to external collaborators. Enquiries from prospective users should be directed via a member of staff within the Department of Neuroscience. The SBTB has current ethical approval as a Research Tissue Bank. This arrangement includes the possibility of accessing tissues for research from the Bank without the requirement for full external ethical review of the project if the proposed research falls into previously agreed parameters regarding the nature of the investigation and the technical methods that will be used.

MRC Cognitive Function & Ageing Study

Sheffield Biorepository also acts as a storage facility for the Medical Research Council's Cognitive Function & Ageing Study (CFAS) brain donor cohort. CFAS has had a brain donation programme since 1993 and has accumulated >540 donations. Sheffield is the lead neuropathology centre for the study and holds tissue from each participating centre for long-term archiving, to facilitate administration of tissue requests and tissue distribution to component projects. CFAS is also open to new collaborations and investigators who are able to propose studies that exploit the unique population base of the cohort. A link is provided to the CFAS website.

The Sheffield Biorepository, which houses the SBTB and CFAS collections is a Human Tissue Authority licensed facility and was favourably inspected by the Human Tissue Authority in July 2010.