Charlotte Bentham

Assistant Psychologist – Neuropsychology Department (STH) & MSc Student at the University of Sheffield

Research Interests

Cerebrovascular burden and response to treatment in Alzheimer’s disease.

Current Projects

Cerebrovascular pathology and responsiveness to treatment in Alzheimer’s disease: a systematic review. A synthesis of literature examining the influence of cerebrovascular pathology on cognitive and behavioural response to cholinesterase treatments in AD patients.

The role of cerebrovascular burden in treatment response in mild cognitive impairment. A research project using neuroimaging techniques and neuropsychological assessment to investigate the role of vascular burden in moderating response to cognitive stimulation in healthy elderly, MCI and mild AD populations.

Research Team

Translational Neuropsychology Team

Professional Activities

I am Professor Venneri’s clinical assistant in the memory and dementia clinic. As part of the neuropsychology department I also work into clinics providing neuropsychological assessment for patients being assessed for epilepsy surgery and deep brain stimulation.


I have previously worked as an assistant psychologist in a range of mental health settings, including two inpatient adults units, and as part of the Hull crisis team.

I moved to Sheffield in 2016 to join the neuropsychology department, and as part of this role I am undertaking an MSc in Psychological Research Methods at the University of Sheffield.