Taught Modules


Molecular Neuroscience

Covers the current experimental strategies being used in molecular neuroscience, eg methods to study genetic inheritance and molecular biology techniques, from the fundamental through to state of the art.

Teaching combines lectures with carefully guided, complementary small group practical laboratory training in basic and advanced molecular biology techniques. Computer based and problem solving classes explore basic bioinformatic approaches, such as sequence analysis, searching databases for gene, protein, expression and functional data and primer design.

CNS Structure and Function

Provides a detailed background of the structure and function of the central nervous system (CNS), including how the nervous system develops, with more in-depth focus on the communication systems and signalling pathways used between and by cells in the CNS.  

Pathology and Modelling of Neurodegeneration

Relates neurological disease to pathological findings and the genetic basis of disease. Introduces cellular and animal models of monogenic disorders.

Ethics and Public Awareness of Science

Introduces an outline of the legislative limitations and ethical influences on biomedical science, how these are influenced by public attitudes and the scientific community.


Literature Review and Critical Analysis of Science

Involves an in-depth survey of the current literature in order to prepare a written essay on a research topic. A series of tutorials and seminars will run alongside to develop the studentĀ“s ability to read and understand scientific literature.

Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Disease

Explores the cellular and molecular causes of neurodegeneration in the major neurological diseases. Explains how hypotheses can be tested in model systems and utilised to develop new therapeutic strategies.

Applied Neuroimaging, Neurophysiology & Psychiatry

Provides an overview of clinical neuroimaging techniques, neurophysiology and an introduction to psychiatry. Topics include: schizophrenia, neuropsychological testing, the neural and molecular bases of psychiatric disorders, psychiatric genetics and animal models of psychiatric disorders.