Taught Modules

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Core Modules


You will learn basic and functional neuroanatomy through dissection of the human brain and spinal cord and microscopic examination of histology specimens.

Pathology and Modelling of Neurodegenerative Diseases

You will explore the cellular and molecular causes of neurodegeneration in the major neurological diseases. You will discover how hypotheses can be tested in model systems and utilised to develop new therapeutic strategies.

Molecular Neuroscience

You will develop skills in advanced molecular techniques and state-of-the-art informatics for studying gene and protein expression, and will discover how these techniques are applied to investigate the underlying pathology of neurological diseases.

Ethics and Public Awareness of Science

You will be introduced to the legislative limitations and ethical influences on biomedical science, how these are influenced by public attitudes and the scientific community. You will explore your personal views and how they influence your perception of research.


Core Modules

Basic Principles of Pathology and Histopathology

You will be trained in histological methods from section cutting through to molecular staining techniques, and discover how histological examination of human tissue provides insight into the underlying pathology of the major neurological diseases.Introduces core aspects of contemporary neuroscience including neural signalling, sensation and sensory processing, movement and its central control, development and plasticity and complex brain functions.

Neuroinflammation, Neuro-Oncology and Neurovascular Pathology

You will explore the underlying pathology and clinical manifestation of the major neuroinflammatory, neuro-oncology and neurovascular diseases, and discover how laboratory breakthroughs have been translated into clinical benefits.

Literature Review and Critical Analysis of Science

You will be required to undertake an in-depth survey of the current literature in order to prepare a written essay on a research topic. A series of tutorials and seminars will run alongside to develop your ability to read and understand scientific literature.