Research Project

Student working in a lab

The significant practical component of the course will enable you to develop your laboratory skills to characterise brain tissue and understand how pathology relates to disease processes. The research project will give you a further opportunity to work with renowned researchers who are experts in their field, and provide training on highly specialise, state of the art equipment.

Examples of Neuropathology-related MSc research projects

  • Do Astrocytes die of Apoptosis in Motor Neuron Disease?
  • Glial pathology in motor neurone disease
  • The effects of cell stress on the insulin/IGF-1 signalling pathways in astrocytes
  • Neurofilament expression in the ageing brain: relationship to Alzheimer-type pathology and the neuronal DNA damage response
  • Investigating the association between neuronal telomere length and dementia in the ageing population
  • Micro RNAs dysregulation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • Nuclear retention of FOXO-3 increases glutamine synthetase expression by astrocytes in the ageing brain