General Election 2017


On Thursday 8 June 2017 the UK will go to the polls after Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap general election. Here you can find comment, analysis and information from academics at the University of Sheffield.


SPERI brief: The impact of the state pension triple lock is modest and should be maintained, report finds

The impact of the state pension triple lock has been exaggerated – and the policy or any equivalent measure should be maintained over the long term, according to a new report by the University of Sheffield's Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI).

Quote marksHow George Osborne is still making his political voice heard
25 May 2017, Christopher Shoop-Worrall from the Department of Journalism Studies in The Conversation.

Quote marksWhy there was method in May’s manifesto madness
25 May 2017, Professor Matthew Flinders from the University's Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics in Prospect.

Quote marksFact Check: have the Conservatives always been the low-tax party?
22 May 2017, Katherine Cousins from the School of Law in The Conversation.

Quote marksUK political parties promise science funding boost
19 May 2017, Professor James Wilsdon from the Department of Politics in Nature.

Quote marksManifesto check: Do Labour Party tax and spending plans add up?
17 May 2017, Dr Jonathan Perraton from the Department of Economics in The Conversation.

Quote marksColin Hay speaks to Radio France Internationale about the UK general election
11 May 2017, SPERI Director Professor Colin Hay on Radio France Internationale.

Quote marksA simple guide to political polling
11 May 2017, Crick Centre Associate Beatrix Pitel interviews Joe Twyman, Head of Political and Social Research for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at YouGov.

Quote marksGeneral election 2017: Who is the most searched-for party leader?
10 May 2017, Dr Alasdair Rae from the Department of Urban Studies & Planning featured on BBC News Online.

Quote marks'Strong and stable leadership!' Could Theresa May's rhetorical carpet-bombing backfire?
10 May 2017, Dr Tom Stafford from the Department of Psychology comments in The Guardian.

Quote marksRoll up! Universities embark on big push to boost student vote
9 May 2017, the University of Sheffield's voter registration scheme is reported in The Guardian.

Quote marksIn Europe’s election season, tech vies to fight fake news
1 May 2017, Dr Andreas Vlachos from the Department of Computer Science in the New York Times.

Quote marks Brexit Britain and undemocracy: an epilogue
28 April 2017, SPERI Deputy Director Dr Craig Berry.

Views posted in comment articles are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the University of Sheffield.

Videos & blogs

G7 Bounce? When Elections and Summits Clash

This weekend (27 and 28 May 2017) the 43rd G7 summit takes place in Taormina, Italy. Staff and students from the University of Sheffield are attending the summit working as policy analysts with the University's Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS) initiative.

In their first blog post for the Global Policy Journal, they look at previous attempts to organise a global gathering of democratically elected leaders at the time of an election.

What is an 'authentic nation' anyway?

The EU referendum, 'Make America Great Again' and Scottish Independence are all expressions of and discussions about national identity.

But what does 'national identity' mean, how do we understand it, and how can we be a part of a conversation that seems to be run by politicians and the press?

Responding to a recent debate with Melanie Phillips on the History Matters blog, the University of Sheffield's historians are finding out.


ElectionGeneral Election Hustings - an event for students

Date and time: Friday 19 May 2017, 6pm
Venue: Students' Union Auditorium

With the snap general election fast approaching, students have the opportunity to hear from prospective parliamentary candidates in the Sheffield Central constituency.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Paul Blomfield MP (Labour)
  • Natalie Bennett (Green)
  • Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed (Liberal Democrat)
  • Dr Gordon Gregory (Conservative)
  • Howard Denby (UKIP)

This event is likely to be popular and tickets, which are only available at the Students' Union Box Office and are for Sheffield Students' Union members only, are limited.

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Students' Union refurbished

An engaged student population

We're proud of our students and the role they play as active and engaged citizens.

The University of Sheffield's Students' Union is encouraging all students to ensure they are registered to vote wherever they will be on polling day - before the deadline of Monday 22 May 2017.

Find out more.

The University of Sheffield runs a voter registration scheme in partnership with Sheffield Council. When registering as a student at the University, if they do not choose to opt out, students are automatically registered to vote. Through this system 74 per cent of our eligible students have been registered to vote.

Electoral roll registration information for students