Experts recruit help to find the hidden history in caves

Experts from the Universities of Sheffield and Bradford are inviting interested members of the public, including local cavers and archaeologists, to discuss the important archaeological remains hidden in caves in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales National Park. The meeting is at 7pm on Monday 9th February at the Medway Community Centre, New Street, Bakewell.

Caves are known to be a rich source of archaeological evidence so English Heritage are funding a 15 month study by staff from ARCUS, the consultancy unit at the University of Sheffield. The study will focus on how best to assess the potential of the deposits in archaeological caves within the National Parks, how to manage them and how to minimise potential threats to them.

The team running the study are particularly keen to involve local cavers, archaeologists and farmers in their study, as they are often the first people to come across archaeological remains. They also have an important role to play in conserving the caves and their contents.

Dr Andrew Chamberlain, from the University of Sheffield's Department of Archaeology, one of the leaders of the study explains, "We want to make sure that members of the public are aware of the project, and we hope they will help us wherever possible.

"We hope to work together to explore ways to learn more about which local caves are of historical significance and to determine how best to conserve them for the future."

Please contact Jeanette Newcombe on 0114 2221032 or email