University of Sheffield offers up to £12,000 per student

The University of Sheffield has today announced that its Access Agreement has been agreed by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) and that it will be offering bursaries of up to £12,000 for home undergraduate students on four year courses and up to £9000 for those on three year courses, starting in 2006.

The University of Sheffield bursaries are split into three schemes that apply for each year of study. Students can benefit from all three schemes at the same time. They are:

Income bursaries
These will apply to students (UK only) from households with incomes below £33,000. Students with a household income below £16,000 will receive £650 and those between £16,000 and £33,000 will receive £400. This will ensure that the government HE Maintenance Grant, combined with the Sheffield income bursary, exceeds the £3,000 annual tuition fee for students from the lowest income band.

Prior achievement bursaries
These bursaries apply to students who achieve at least one A grade at A Level or equivalent. This bursary is up to £1550 a year, depending on individual achievement, household income and subject studied.

A student with a household income of less than £16k, with three A grades at A Level will receive £1550, regardless of the subject they choose to study.

Outreach bursaries
These bursaries are for students who have taken part in one of the University of Sheffield's outreach programmes and range from £100 - £800, depending on household income.

Professor Bob Boucher, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, explains, "A student benefiting fully under all three schemes will receive £3,000 in cash each year, in addition to higher education grants of £2700 each year. This amounts to non-repayable support of £22,800 over a four year course. We will also provide some financial assistance to all students whose household income is less than £33,000.

"These bursaries represent a real improvement for students from low income households, who will now not have to pay any tuition fees upfront and will also benefit from bursaries towards their living expenses, which in Sheffield are particularly competitive.

"The University of Sheffield has a strong track record in widening participation for students who would not traditionally come to University. We believe that the students should be recruited on their intelligence and academic ability, not on their ability to pay."

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Notes for Editors: The University of Sheffield will be charging home undergraduates the full £3000 tuition fee for all courses.

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