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  1. An endangered bird identified in the research

    World-leading scientists develop new approach to bird conservation

    A new approach to species conservation which could change how we protect the world’s most endangered birds has been developed by a team of the world’s leading scientists, including the University of Sheffield.

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    Life hots up for British birds

    Climate change may be bad news for billions, but scientists at the University of Sheffield have discovered one unlikely winner – a tiny British bird, the long-tailed tit.

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    24-hour lecture marathon in tribute to a remarkable scientist

    World-leading academics from the University of Sheffield are taking part in a 24-hour charity lecture marathon this week (27-28 March 2014) in tribute to a remarkable scientist who dedicated his life to inspiring others through science.

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  4. Fairy Tern birds

    Biased sex ratios predict more promiscuity, polygamy and divorce in birds

    Birds in female-dominated populations are more likely to ditch and ‘divorce’ their mates while promiscuity increases in predominantly male environments, according to new research.

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  5. The Universe

    Gravitational waves discovery heralds a new frontier in astrophysics and cosmology, scientists say

    The discovery of evidence of primordial gravitational waves will help us unlock the secrets to how the Universe was born, astrophysicists at the University of Sheffield say.

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  6. Parliament

    University's research stars present findings in Parliament

    Rising academic stars from the University of Sheffield will today (Monday 17 March 2014) present their research in Parliament.

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    Festival to showcase science and engineering

    A spectacular festival which puts the weird and wonderful world of science and engineering in the spotlight, led by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University together with the city’s museums, kicks off this week (Friday 14 March 2014).

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  8. The parasite food web containing clustered groups of parasites, tissues, and immune responses

    What’s eating you? The first food web inside humans suggests potential new treatments for infection

    Imagine going to the doctor with an infection and being sent home with a course of drugs. Unknown to your doctor you actually have two infections. If you take the drugs will the other infection go away by itself? What if you take the drugs and the other infection gets worse? This quandary faces those treating patients with multiple infections.

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  9. Elephant calves playing

    Teen elephant mothers die younger but have bigger families, research finds

    Asian elephants that give birth as teenagers die younger than older mothers but raise bigger families during their lifetime, according to new research from the University of Sheffield.

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  10. Toddlers painting

    Toddlers are creative at just two years old

    Children as young as two are capable of being creative thinkers, according to new research.

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    University unveils ambitious international projects to tackle world’s biggest biomedical problems

    The University of Sheffield has today (Thursday 6 March 2014) unveiled two ambitious, signature research projects, which will address some of the world’s biggest biomedical problems.

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  12. Dr Steve Peters

    University psychiatrist to help England football team get ready for World Cup

    A University of Sheffield professor, who has helped British cyclists win Olympic gold, is set to use his skills on the England football team as they continue their preparations for the World Cup.

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    Thousands of birds killed in storms: Funding cut to seabird communities when they need it most

    Tens of thousands of birds – especially the auk family such as puffins, guillemots and razorbills – have been killed as a result of the endless gales and storms which have battered the country over the past two months.
    It is in fact the sea that is killing the birds who have had to expend too much energy fighting big waves and strong winds without food, over a long period of time this winter.

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  14. Pancakes topped with berries and ice cream

    Secret to the perfect pancake is discovered

    Maths students from the University of Sheffield have swapped calculus for the kitchen by developing a formula to prepare the perfect pancake.

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  15. Zebrafish inflammatory neutrophils (in red) leave sites of inflammation when treated with Tanshinone

    Scientists discover new way to tackle inflammatory diseases

    Researchers at the University of Sheffield have found a potential new way to treat common and largely incurable inflammatory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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