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  • Conference Examines Feminist Influence in Education

    A conference at the University of Sheffield next week will review the impact of feminism on education and assess feminism's future prospects for furthering the cause of gender justice and equal opportunities internationally.

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  • Customer service - a key to business success?

    On May 14th Sheffield Hallam University's School of Business and Finance will host the Sheffield Management Lecture, a key annual event in the regional business calendar. This year's topic, Competitive Advantage through Customer Service, uses a powerful real-world example to reflect the increasing emphasis successful companies are giving to the need to deliver superior customer service. Attendees will hear how doing so can differentiate an organisation and develop long term profitable relationships in both the private and public sectors.

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  • Old Bailey project brings a forgotten London back to life

    The largest single source of information about British non-elite lives and behaviour ever published is accessible worldwide free of charge on the internet from today, thanks to the intensive efforts of dozens of experts and transcribers. The Old Bailey Proceedings Online website will eventually include records of 100,000 individual trials, running to 60,000 pages of text and 25 million words.

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  • Top TV scientist to give free Sheffield public lecture

    Next month Sheffield adults, children and families have a rare opportunity to hear and see a leading scientist and science broadcaster in person.

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  • From NASA space projects to 'The Chocolate Challenge' it's National Science Week 2003

    In March Sheffield will play host to world leading scientists during one of the biggest and best National Science Week celebrations in the country. National Science Week 2003 kicks off on Saturday 5 March, and will bring international experts, such as NASA scientist Professor Patrick Stakem to Sheffield, in a bid to get science into the spotlight and encourage everyone to learn by joining in the fun.

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