Joint statement from founders of #WeAreInternational

As the founders of the #WeAreInternational campaign now supported by over 100 universities and the National Union of Students, we are deeply opposed to actions in any part of the world which inhibit the ability of students and academics to pursue their studies based on their religion or place of birth.

Our campaign was founded in the spirit of treasuring universities as places of international exchange and mutual respect. Although we celebrate the contribution international students and staff make to the UK, this ethos goes far beyond our own interests. As such we stand in solidarity with other campaigns of welcome across the world such as our U.S. sister campaign #YouAreWelcomeHere.

As a University and Students' Union we will continue to uphold these values, to support our wonderful diverse global community and to welcome refugee scholars wherever we can. We call on our own government to reflect the importance of the mobility of international scholars in words and deeds, and to use its influence to encourage others to do the same.


Professor Sir Keith Burnett
President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Sheffield and co-founder of #WeAreInternational

Abdi Aziz-Suleiman
President of The University of Sheffield Students' Union (2012-13) and co-founder of #WeAreInternational

Dominic Trendall
President of The University of Sheffield Students' Union

Ana Popa
International Officer of The University of Sheffield Students' Union