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New report demonstrates £120 million benefit of international students to Sheffield economy

At a House of Commons launch today (Monday 4 March 2013), the University of Sheffield will unveil ground breaking research that shows international students in the city are responsible for pumping over £120 million into Sheffield’s economy over a single year.

International student report

Engineering - You're Hired!

More than 900 talented engineering students from the University of Sheffield showcase problem-solving ideas which they hope will transform the industrial world.

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Engineering - You're Hired

New Engineering Building will boost growth and investment

The University of Sheffield’s planning application for an £81 million state of the art New Engineering Building on the Jessop East site.

Video of the New Engineering Building

New Engineering Building

Making a leap towards Olympic success

Rising star and Rio 2016 Olympic hopeful Jazmin Sawyers is awarded the first ever Jessica Ennis Scholarship Award for achieving excellence


Rising star Jazmin Sawyers

Giving a voice

Revolutionary speech glove designed by graduates gives a voice to stroke patient.

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Revolutionary Speech Glove

Sheffield Solar Farm

Dr Alastair Buckley discusses the Sheffield Solar Farm at the University of Sheffield.


Sheffield Solar Farm

Festival of the Mind

Highlights from the University's Festival of the Mind.

Festival of the Mind

Festival of the Mind highlights so far

A city in context

Specially created animation shows how Sheffield is connected to the rest of the world more today than it has ever been, as part of the Festival of the Mind in the city this month.


A City in Context: Everything is related to Everything else

Engage with Old English

Students from the University of Sheffield's School of English perform twentieth century films with tenth century scripts.

Engage with Old English

Old English life and language opens up at University

Prestigious award for University

The University of Sheffield has received a prestigious award after raising £11 million in the last three years through match funding.

Prestigious University fundraising award

University receives prestigious award for raising £11 million

The Rover

Students from the University of Sheffield are working to make their dream careers in theatre a reality through a unique collaboration with Sheffield Theatres.

The Rover

Unique collaboration brings students closer to theatre careers

Arts Tower refurbishment

The University of Sheffield's Arts Tower will light up the Sheffield skyline with an illuminating display of colour to celebrate its £36 million refurbishment.

Arts Tower video

Colourful light display to celebrate £36 million refurbishment of the Arts Tower

Pancake Day celebrations

890 people became Guinness World Record breakers when the University of Sheffield held The Big Flip.

Pancake Day video

Sheffield flips into the Guinness World Records Book

Catalytic Clothing

Catalytic clothing, a fusion of science and fashion, is moving closer to making their world changing ideas a reality as part of a campaign for clean air.

Catalytic Clothing video

Future Fashion: clothing that can purify air moves a step closer

Rainbow pigment fraud defense

The University of Sheffield has developed technology which could provide new, anti-counterfeit devices on passports or banknotes due to their difficulty to copy.

Rainbow pigments video

Rainbows without pigments offer new defense against fraud

Filming the Earth from space

Two University of Sheffield students recorded a video of the Earth from the edge of space, using homemade equipment and on a shoestring budget.

Earth from space video

Students record video of the Earth from edge of space