Angela Haighton has taken her position as the new NFA Manager, after Professor Vanessa Toulmin's permanent move to the Public Engagement team at the University of Sheffield, as Director of City and Cultural Engagement.

This was a natural career progression for Professor Vanessa who has achieved so much for the city and the University through her role in public engagement, in the Vice Chancellor's Office. We know she will continue to achieve great things in the future and greatly increase the cultural and economic vibrancy of Sheffield.

Angela is a highly qualified archivist and brings a breadth of experience in working with different collections, ranging from the archive of the renowned rugby commentator, Bill McLaren, to public archives in Oxford, Suffolk, Bristol, the Scottish Borders and the Isle of Man. Angela will also be in charge of the management of digital humanites at the Library.

Professor Vanessa will remain on her role as NFA Research Director and will seat in the NFA Advisory Committee panel, ensuring that she will continue to hold a strong position at the Archive and contribute to its development and success in the future.