Amy Goodwin

Amy Goodwin’s roots are embedded within the fairground heritage, from her upbringing travelling with a steam fairground, and this has manifested as a strong appreciation of its rich history in her practice, blending traditional signwriting and illustrative storytelling.

Amy’s work reflects a strong sense of tradition and history while investigating innovative ways to fuse these traditions with artistic practices relevant to contemporary society. Her work is a journey of discovery, which teases the inquisitive predisposition of the viewer with narratives that transition between the real world and the imaginary.

Alongside her work as an artist, Amy is a practice-based PhD candidate at Norwich University of the Arts, where she also lectures on the BA Illustration course. Her practice-based PhD contests that the archive is a powerful narrative space whose structure can be manipulated to unveil and illustrate dubious and hidden stories, through the construction of a series of archives as illustrated spaces. This hypothesis is being tested through the investigation of five fairground females whose identities, framed by the archive itself, will be re-established.

Amy has exhibited work nationally, including at the Victoria and Albert Museum and has been a delegate at conferences internationally. Additionally, Amy’s work is held at the Yale School of British Art collection, in the USA.