Centre logo on snow sceneSheffield has had a long cultural and trading relationship with Scandinavia, reflected in local street and place names as well as in our shared respect for the highest quality craftmanship. The University approved the establishment of the Centre for Nordic Studies on 23 May 2012.

A group of University of Sheffield colleagues have worked from existing expertise and experience to create a Centre for Nordic Studies in Sheffield, to work in partnership with Scandinavian and UK organisations to promote the understanding, use and enjoyment of Nordic languages and culture, to encourage research and to support more effective engagement between researchers, teachers and students in the UK and Scandinavia.

Our aspiration is that when it is fully resourced, the Centre will provide a full range of services including language teaching within and beyond the University community, exhibitions, cultural events like concerts and plays, and services to business. Eventually we aim to support access to Nordic languages for learners across the region, but at this early stage we will do our best to support informal and voluntary language networks.

A number of research projects are already underway: details are on the research page of this website. The Centre aims to host research projects across the range of specialisms and of different sizes, providing support for colleagues and visitors on the Nordic aspects of their work, both in research and teaching.

The Centre for Nordic Studies will work in partnership with academic and government organisations to promote access to Nordic materials, and to promote access to English-language resources for Scandinavian researchers, teachers and students.