Photograph of Professor Peter Jackson

Professor Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson's main Nordic connection is with Professor Helene Brembeck at the Centre for Consumer Studies (CFK) in Göteborg. They are collaborating on one of the work packages in Professor Jackson's current European Research Council grant on 'Consumer understandings of risk, anxiety and trust' relating to food in the context of recent ‘food scares’ and public health campaigns, based on comparative research in Britain and Sweden.

This work package uses focus groups and interviews with consumers in Britain and Sweden to explore how consumer practices and attitudes to food are shaped by recent ‘food scares’ and associated public health campaigns. We interview key players in a range of NGOs and campaign organisations who have sought to improve consumer understanding of food safety. The research is conducted in Stockholm and Göteborg (in Sweden) and in London and Sheffield (in the UK).

The research uses newspaper and government archives to investigate the national context of recent food scares and to explore the public response to these issues. To gauge the commercial response to recent food scares, interviews are also to be conducted with food retailers (such as ICA stores in Sweden and Marks & Spencer in Britain). The research is undertaken in collaboration with food researchers at the Centre for Consumer Science (CFK) in Göteborg, under the supervision of Prof Helene Brembeck.

Staffing: two RAs for 24 months (one in Sweden, one in UK).

Peter Jackson also aims to build a wider Anglo-Scandinavian network of food researchers including colleagues in Oslo (at SIFO) and in Copenhagen, as well as with Prof Brembeck in Sweden.

The Department of Geography also has strong links with Roskilde University in Denmark (Geography & International Development), including joint publications and PhD training events and has a joint appointment with Aarhus: Professor Jan Piotrowski, a physical geographer who studies sedimentary sytems. He spends half the year in Sheffield and half in Aarhus.