Research at the Sheffield Centre for Nordic Studies

Photography of old Danish house with push-bikes parked outsideNikki Dibben, Professor, Department of Music
...offers doctoral supervision and post-doctoral collaboration on Nordic popular musics, particularly Icelandic popular music and its relationship to national identity, landscape and environmentalism.

Andrew Linn, Professor, School of English (Linguistics) happy to supervise any topic in Scandinavian linguistics, particularly in the history of linguistics or language planning in the Scandinavian countries.

Hugh Pyper, Professor, Department of Biblical Studies
...can offer supervision on Kierkegaard and to some extent on Golden Age Denmark, and on the historical Nordic contribution to Biblical Studies and Theology. He is happy to be involved in joint supervisions where appropriate. For example he would be interested in offering one or more studentships in the relatively wide area of the reception of Nordic thought in the UK, which a particular student could narrow down to a field or a particular thinker and which might accommodate those whose Nordic languages aren't their strength as well as those who have the linguistic competences.

Colin Roth, Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Philosophy collaboration with colleagues can support interdisciplinary and specialised research on eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century Danish and European culture and arts, particularly music, ballet and art.

Robert Stern, Professor, Department of Philosophy keen to supervise broadly conceived projects relating to Kierkegaard, and to K. E. L√łgstrup.