Why study Musculoskeletal Ageing?

Infographic on Musculoskeletal Ageing

CIMA researchers investigate why our bones, joints, ligaments and muscles function less well as we age, and how age related decline of the musculoskeletal tissues and age related clinical disorders (such as osteoporosis and arthritis) can be ameliorated or prevented.  

Life expectancies are increasing dramatically, and so it is absolutely crucial that we ensure that people are not just living longer, but that they are also healthy, pain free and mobile for longer.

Mobility impairment is listed as the most prevalent amongst groups of chronic diseases affecting the elderly in Europe and the US (over heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer), and so it is no surprise that Musculoskeletal Ageing is a fascinating, rapidly evolving field. 

CIMA graduates will be highly equipped to go on to doctoral research in the area and well placed to choose from a wide range of career options within clinical practice, academic, or within the commercial or industrial sector.