Meet our graduates

Here some of our recent graduates reflect on the training they received on our programme:

Stephanie Abi-Zeid-Daou, Science Co-ordinator, BabySentry, Lebanon

Stephanie Abi-Zeid-Daou

“My job involves research and communication with other reproductive scientists, clinics and software developers to manage all phases of fertility treatment efficiently. What I love about my job are the online and on-site training sessions I conduct with clients; ranging from obstetrics and gynaecology clinics to human genetic labs, andrology facilities and fertility clinics. There is no doubt that the Msc in Reproductive Medicine had a huge impact on my career choice. It enhanced my scientific writing and research skills and ultimately it was a sturdy stepping-stone towards a career in a field that I have a strong passion for.”

Michail Kyriakidis, Reproductive Gynaecologist, EmbryoLab IVF Unit, GreeceMichael Kyriakidis

“My current position involves the management and treatment of the infertile couple. We are one of the biggest fertility clinics in Greece so work schedule is sometimes tight. My work is mostly clinical but in my spare time I take part in research projects. The MSc program helped enrich my comprehension of infertility and improve my skills on assisted reproduction. Furthermore, this course helped me develop my skills in implementing a research project and writing a scientific article to promote my work.”

Chelsea Quinn, IVF Laboratory Practitioner, Kings College Hospital, London

Chelsea Quinn

“My job involves working closely with the embryologists and other clinical staff in the unit. Key responsibilities for the role include: Witnessing of procedures carried out by the embryologists, Egg collections, Sperm preparation for IVF treatments/Seminal fluid analysis, Set-up of notes that are used for the patients’ treatments, including consents, data entry in laboratory databases and administration duties related to sperm donation.  The MSc prepared me well for a job in the reproductive medicine field. Both the lectures and knowledge gained were most valuable from the course as it provided that specialist understanding of the field.”

Laura Caetano, PhD Student, University of Southampton

“Before I finished my undergraduate studies in Biomedical Sciences I decided I wanted to specialise in reproductive medicine in order to achieve one day anLaura Caetano academic career in this field. This MSc gave me not only the research and technical skills needed to proceed to a PhD but it gave me also the motivation to become a good professional. The research component of this MSc has definitely a positive impact when we are looking and applying for a research career. We have the opportunity to learn with some of the best researchers in this field and to get to know them and their work.”