Meet our graduates

Danielle Meehan

Danielle MeehanI really enjoyed studying for the MSc. I found the taught half of the year really useful, we were given lectures by top scientists and clinicians who were incredibly passionate about the topic they were teaching. This made the lectures very interesting, informative, but also fun. It was a great grounding for going into our 6-month research project. The research project was a great experience which I found incredibly useful when applying for research posts and PhDs. This opportunity was invaluable as not only did I gain practical lab skills but I was a part of a real working research group and was able to become a part of the Sheffield research community through lab meetings and conferences. The MSc is geared towards giving you a great grounding for a career in research through a range of teaching methods. I am currently studying a PhD here at Sheffield and found the course definitely helped with the transition into full-time research.

Jack Williamson

I have been a junior medical writer in my New Jack Williamsonjob at DDB Remedy London for almost 3 months now. This is a small medical communications agency that mixes science and creativity to bring to life pharmaceutical campaigns. As a medical writer, I am required to use my science and writing skills on a daily basis and have been involved in a wide variety of disease areas including hepatitis C, haemophilia, HIV, and diabetes. I find this work very stimulating and I am constantly having to keep on top of the latest publications, science affairs stories, and office gossip (which are all equally important (!)).

The project I have most enjoyed so far was helping to create the medical content for an interactive booth stand at the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) conference held in Barcelona this April (picture attached). This interactive conference booth was designed to educate health care professionals to screen and treat hepatitis C patients early; a slowly progressing disease that is asymptomatic in the early stages before potentially developing into hepatocellular carcinoma (an aggressive form of liver cancer) in later life.

Callum Thow

Callum ThowI'm a quality control technician at a company called Genesis Diagnostics which produces in vitro diagnostic kits which are used to indicate food intolerances and various diseases. These kits can have different components including ELISA plates, microarrays and macroarrays. I test the kits with known positive and negative, as well as population samples to ensure they are conforming to standards set by previously passed kits.

Khairul Khatib

I am currently working at Chemical Khairul KhatibCompany Malaysia (CCM Pharmaceuticals) as a Product Executive under the Ethical Marketing Department. For the time being, my work is more on marketing planning and strategy of our pharmaceutical products. CCM Pharmaceutical is the number one generic drug company in Malaysia and at this moment we do have few range for Special Care Unit for Oncology and we are expanding. I really look forward to be under this Oncology unit in the near future.

Emily Collinson

Photo of Emily CollinsonI am currently working in Newcastle Hospitals in the Urology Department on the Urodynamics STP programme.  Having worked on a Urology ward after finishing University to gain experience, I wanted to work with patients whilst still being involved in research.  I started the STP in September and I am currently completing rotations round a GI Department and Respiratory Department which gives me a broad understanding of other physiological investigations and departments.  Urodynamic investigations allow for a range of urological conditions to be diagnosed which is important before patients are considered for surgery.  The STP is a full-time job which involves an MSc spread over 3 years.  Part of the MSc is an extended research project with clinical data which can require ethical approval.  There are many different routes to take in the STP, I chose physiological science as I enjoy working with patients but there are many positions in subjects like Life Sciences such as clinical biochemistry, genomics etc.