Academic Unit of Molecular Oncology


Molecular Oncology is an Academic unit of the Department of Oncology and Metabolism. It was formed from the Yorkshire Cancer Research (YCR) Institute for Cancer Studies.

Our aim is to provide an interactive environment for basic and translational cancer research that genuinely promotes the understanding of the causes and cures of cancer. Current research projects focus on understanding genetic instability in cancer, mechanisms of DNA repair, recombination, DNA synthesis, cell cycle checkpoints, and cell death, with the aim of exploiting defects in these pathways for cancer therapy. Members of the Unit have established "DNA RepNet" - a network of cross faculty scientists within University of Sheffield, who are interested in any aspect of DNA replication or repair. The purpose is to facilitate collaborations, share information and further raise the profile of this important research area both within and external to the University. We envisage that the network will have at least 2 meetings through the year and a dedicated web page for sharing of ideas and news. Tissue culture
Research nurse Our translational research aims to determine the effects of inherited and acquired genetic and epigenetic alterations on cancer risk, tumour development/progression, and patient outcome, with a view to developing appropriate biomarkers. This research involves working both with Sheffield clinicians and international consortia.
Molecular Oncology occupies about 750 sq. M. of the University of Sheffield Medical School, which is adjacent to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and it accommodates over 30 staff and students.
Our facilities are primarily designed to accommodate research using molecular biology, tissue culture and processing and analysis of human clinical material.
Lab2 The research is lead by 5 group leaders, over 20 research and support staff and 8 postgraduate students.
We currently hold grants worth over £7 million. These come mainly from YCR, BBSRC, CRUK, MRC and other national and international collaborations.