Expression Data

Catto JWF, Miah S, Owen HC, Bryant H, Dudziec E, Larré S, Milo M, Rehman I, Rosario DJ, Di Martino E, Knowles MA, Meuth M, Harris AL and Hamdy FC
Distinct microRNA alterations characterize high and low grade bladder cancer
Cancer Res. Nov 2009; 69(21): 8472-81

Ewa Dudziec, Saiful Miah, Hani M.Z. Choudhry, Helen C. Owen, Sheila Blizard, Maggie Glover, Freddie C. Hamdy and James W.F. Catto
Hypermethylation of CpG Islands and Shores adjacent to mirtron and microRNA genes in bladder cancer
Submitted 2010.

Ross M Drayton, Stefan Peter, Katie Myers, Saiful Miah, Ewa Dudziec, Helen E. Bryant and James W.F. Catto
MicroRNA-99a and 100 mediated upregulation of FOXA1 in bladder cancer
Submitted 2014

Stefan Peter, Edyta Borkowska, Ross M Drayton, Callam Rakhit, Aidan Noon, Wei Chen and James Catto
Identification of differentially expressed long non-coding RNAs in bladder cancer
Clinical Cancer Research, submitted 2014

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