General information on Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The Department of Oncology and Metabolism is committed to providing a safe and efficient working environment for staff and students.

To achieve this it is expected that all members of the department understand that they have a legal and moral responsibility to protect both their own health and safety and that of others and to cooperate with the Health & Safety Officer (Andy Platts) over matters of health and safety.

In accordance with the department induction process all new members of the department will attend a Health & Safety induction lecture and complete appropriate UoS on-line health & safety training courses.  A record of training will be maintained using the blank training record sheet issued at induction by the Health & Safety Officer.  Links to the on-line training can also be found on the right hand side of this webpage.  Completed training records must be returned to the Health & Safety Officer for archiving, they will then be returned to the individual to form part of their training record.  New laboratory workers may also be required to complete a Health Assessment Questionnaire.
New members of the department will also receive training by their supervisor where they will be made aware of the risks and hazards specifically associated with their proposed work to ensure the safety of themselves and others is not compromised. 

The established working hours of the University are 07.30 - 18.00, Monday to Friday.  If you are required to work outside of these hours then you must complete the Out-of-hours on-line training, be up-to-date with your Fire Awareness training and request Out-of-Hours permission to work on the CoSHH training record section.

If you wish to work with unsealed sources of radiation you must complete the relevant training before work commences, please contact the Health & Safety Officer for more information.

If your work involves the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) on an existing approved project or other biological hazards you must complete a Health Assessment Questionnaire and receive local training from the project supervisor before work can commence.  If the GMO work is a new project then a project application and risk assessment must be submitted to the biosafety committee for discussion, please contact the Health & Safety Officer for further information.

If you are required to use display screen equipment, such as a computer, for longer than an hour on most days then you must complete the on-line display screen equipment course.

Work of any nature undertaken in the department must comply with the current Departmental and University of Sheffield Safety Policies.