Gallery of featured content

Here are current examples of our materials from Sheffield on iTunes U. They show some of the range of content areas, and approaches to presenting it.

All examples require either the iTunes software freely available for Mac or PC from, or the iTunes U app available for IOS devices from the App Store. Android users can access the materials using TuneSpace from the Google Play store.

SPERI iconSPERI Annual Lecture with George Monbiot

This example shows how public lectures and similar events, in this case from George Monbiot, well known journalist and environmental correspondent for the Guardian, can be recorded and made available, thereby making these special events available to a wider audience.

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Introduction to feedback modelling and control iconIntroduction to Modelling, Analysis and Control

This series of screencasts were produced by Dr Anthony Rossiter from Automatic Control and Systems Engineering. Featuring over 170 items across over 20 collections, they illustrate how a series of worked examples and tutorials can created using the freely available Echo360 Personal Capture software and a Sympodium monitor. Anthony produced these videos to support his teaching in a number of modules, and In total these represent the most accessed content from our site.

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iDig iconiDig -field training for archaeologists.

This example, produced by Dr Bob Johnston from Archaeology, show an excellent example of instructional videos - these are ones that actually teach students how to perform a series of procedures, and in this case, those they would learn on an Archaeological field trip. Because iTunes U materials can be downloaded, students can access these on their own devices in locations where there is no Internet access, and so this approach is transferable to many different field-work type contexts.

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Italian podcasts iconItalian podcasts

This collection is one that demonstrates how useful audio resources can be. Produced by Alessia Brighi from the Modern languages Teaching Centre (MLTC) using a simple audio recorder, the collection gives an introduction to Italian grammar and vocabulary, and gives a sample of the kind of audio resources used to support language learning at the MLTC.

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Introduction to the history of Western Philosophy iconAn Introduction to the History of Western Philosophy

In this series, our very own Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy, Angie Hobbs, recounts the origins of western philosophy. Starting in ancient Greece with the "Pre-Socratics", Angie’s effusive explanations were filmed by the iTunes U team especially to create this series - we think Angie’s enthusiastic presentational style is most engaging.

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