Leading the Way

  • leading the way

    We're setting the agenda for research and teaching. We expect our staff to be leaders both in their fields and in the governance of the University, and we encourage our students to think how they too can shape the world both now and into the future.

  • cure for deafness

    We're getting closer to a cure for deafness. Researchers in our Department of Biomedical Science have found a way to turn human embryonic stem cells into ear sensory cells. Their breakthrough could lead to a cure for neuropathic hearing loss.

  • policy change

    Our public health research has influenced government policy on alcohol pricing.

  • history and material culture

    Sheffield has always been a source of new ideas in teaching. Now we're using the study of material culture to change the way history is taught, making it tangible and more relevant than ever.

  • insigneo

    We're revolutionising the treatment of disease. Scientists at our INSIGNEO institute have developed a giant framework of interconnecting computer simulations to show the complex mechanisms of disease in individual patients. These systems are making a dramatic impact on the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.