Working Together

  • working together

    To solve big problems we have to work together. We aim to build inclusive teams, maximising the benefits of difference and drawing on the skills and potential of the widest possible range of colleagues.

  • international students

    Sheffield is an international university. We work in partnership with other leading universities, governments and multinational companies to tackle global problems such as sustainable energy, poverty and the economic crisis.

  • cern

    Last year we shared in the discovery of a lifetime. As part of an international team, based at CERN in Geneva, our scientists played a major role in the discovery of a particle thought to be the elusive Higgs boson.

  • aerospace

    Our engineers are developing monitoring systems with Rolls-Royce to improve the safety and efficiency of their aerospace engines.

  • patients as educators

    Through the Patients as Educators programme, volunteer patients collaborate with our medical students, helping them to become more caring and effective doctors. It's the biggest programme of its kind in Europe.