Our University.

Our Future.

Our Plan.

Our Mission
To educate others and ourselves and to learn through doing so, thereby improving the world.

Our Identity
A civic institution proud of its urban character, driving growth and vibrancy for the city, the region, and the globe.

Our Vision
That research, teaching, and learning together create a positive culture of higher education.

Our Guiding Principles
Excellence, ambition, engagement, collegiality, resourcefulness, resilience, agility, diversity.

Our University. Our Future. Our Plan

Our place: Locally and Globally

We are a global university rooted in Sheffield.

We attract staff and students from around the world, encouraging cultural and economic vibrancy.

Key challenges

Fostering a global community of scholarship, in order to undertake internationally-leading research and recruit talented staff and students from across the world.

Maintaining our deep roots in the local and national community, and our commitment to improving the lives of local people.

Balancing the tensions between the local and the global to bring benefit to all our communities.

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Our values

Maintaining our identity as a global university rooted in Sheffield, driving economic growth and social and cultural vibrancy.

Collegiality in working with our students as partners to impact our city and region for the better.

Open, shared and mutually-supportive learning relationships with the Sheffield City Region and internationally.

Pride in our internationally diverse university community which draws on more than 120 nations – the world is home.

Our strategy

Enhance our strengths locally and globally to carry out excellent research and teaching that makes a direct difference for communities near and far.

Drive the regional economy through our research-led innovation district, and transform the UK’s approach to infrastructure manufacturing and employer co-designed and funded apprentice degrees.

Continue to forge key partnerships relating to areas of research strength across the world, but in particular in Europe, China, the U.S. and India.

Continue to develop international opportunities for students in research, volunteering and international experience.

Our University. Our Future. Our Plan

Our place: Locally and Globally

Rooted in Sheffield, we are a global university.Our students come to Sheffield from around the world, and when they graduate they work around the world, bringing benefits to the city and taking away their experience of our region’s unique hospitality.

Our staff likewise exemplify our international outlook, bringing with them a diversity that we celebrate.

We are proud of our position as an urban institution driving the economic growth of the city and the region, encouraging cultural and economic vibrancy, and contributing to scientific and cultural capital through our research and its outcomes. Our positive engagement with our local community is complemented by our values-led, innovative approach to strengthening our place globally.

We therefore embrace our responsibilities, both local and global, and through our research, teaching, and partnerships we will lead in shaping and driving the Northern economic powerhouse, making the national case for investment in our regional infrastructure. We will use our international profile to benefit Sheffield and the City Region, bringing world-leading companies and international partnerships to the region.

Our University community’s diverse and cosmopolitan character enhances the city and the region, and our students are our most fundamental partners in establishing our place both locally and around the world. Through the experience offered in a University of Sheffield degree, we will assist them in developing a lifelong international outlook while also understanding the importance of giving back to the local community.

We will also encourage and support staff to spend periods of time researching and teaching internationally, particularly making use of identified strategic partnerships. In order to cement Sheffield as a destination of choice for visiting students and researchers, we will develop mechanisms to facilitate their mobility.

Case Study

Driving productivity: the M1 Innovation District

From its foundation, the University has been a key player in the city’s tradition of making and doing.

In the present climate of economic uncertainty, with productivity at a low ebb, we’re responding by creating a full-service advanced manufacturing innovation district alongside the M1 to the east of the city of Sheffield.

The M1 Innovation District will provide a hub for the kind of radical innovation that even the biggest companies can’t achieve on their own. Here, multinationals and SMEs can work alongside world-leading researchers on new ideas in energy, transport, infrastructure, manufacturing, and health. And with the support of the University, these smaller companies will get the chance to prove they can deliver.

The Innovation District will drive productivity and create jobs. It is the natural next step for Sheffield, building on the world-leading activities of our Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), which set a new standard for collaborations between universities and industry in its work with Boeing. Its sister centre, the Nuclear AMRC, gave a much-needed boost to energy R&D. Today there are NAMRC hubs at Sellafield and overseas (AMRC Korea) and the AMRC’s global partners include Rolls-Royce, Siemens and BAE Systems.

A world first

These partnerships form the bedrock of our new district’s activities. At the heart of the Innovation District is a world first: an extraordinary reconfigurable factory that combines technologies including advanced robotics, off-line programming in virtual environments and 3D printing from flexible automated systems. The ability to switch rapidly between different types of production in this facility opens up more possibilities for research and innovation, more collaborations with industry, more growth for the city, the region, and the world.

“The AMRC contains an impressive array of specialised facilities, each dedicated to providing advanced manufacturing companies in the region and beyond with access to industrial expertise, cutting-edge machines and equipment, and, ultimately, solutions to complex technological challenges.”

Bruce Katz
Vice President, The Brookings Institution
Former Adviser to Barack Obama

Case Study


Our #weareinternational initiative has led to the development of a national campaign to help universities express the contribution of international students within the UK and our commitment to international staff and students. At a time of global debate over immigration which has sometimes damaged relations overseas, the #weareinternational campaign has been supported by more than 100 universities and bodies ranging from the British Council to the CBI.

The University of Sheffield is proud to make the case that international students are vital to our universities, to our research, to our communities. They are innovators and friends.

Case Study

Sheffield Institute for International Development

The Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID) is a flagship interdisciplinary research institute. We contribute to the study of international development through an understanding of development as a search for social justice, in the face of multiple and overlapping situations of inequality – and we explore the agency of people, communities and social organisations in claiming rights, wellbeing and equality, as well as the responses of states and international organisations to the challenges of creating a fairer world.

SIID explores the meaning of development, democracy, governance and global justice as well as the challenges and opportunities of undertaking development through policy and practice. We conceive development research as a participatory exercise and we actively seek to build partnerships with NGOs, networks and international organisations in order to embed our ideas in practice.