Information for schools

The US in Schools Mentoring programme aims to raise participants’ aspirations and their awareness of Higher Education through regular weekly 1-1 mentoring, during term time by our trained student mentors.

What are the benefits to schools participating in the programme?

Schools often find that participation in the programme contributes to:

  • Improving pupil’s attitudes to learning, raises aspirations and helps to improve attainment
  • Positive partnerships with staff and students at the University of Sheffield
  • Promotion of Widening Participation to Further and Higher Education
  • Raising the awareness of and aspiration to Higher Education to the wider school cohort
  • Enhanced or enriched curriculum through university mentors’ support and ideas
  • The school improvement agenda

Who can participate?

Academic Criteria Be on target to achieve a minimum of 5 GCSEs at Level 9 - 6 plus English at Level 4 if not already included
WP Criteria

Must meet both:

  • Attend a State School


  • Are in the first generation of their family to enter HE (other than siblings, or parents who attended HE as a mature student)

Additional - between one and all of the following:

  • Are from a low progression to HE area
  • Are a Looked After Child/Young Adult Carer/Estranged student
  • Are a student with a declared disability

Prioritisation is then given to students who:

Are from a certain gender, ethnic or socio-economic group Which is currently under-represented in HE
Have individual circumstances meaning they will need to overcome other barriers to learning/progression Each application will be considered individually. Exceptional circumstances stated by the students and/or school (such as family upheaval or disrupted schooling plus many others) will provide additional context to their application

Data Sharing

In order for the University to check the eligibility of pupils for the programme, partner schools will be asked to share elements of personal data of the pupils they wish to be considered.  This is covered by a Data Sharing Agreement that is part of the 'Mentoring Proposal' partner schools sign up to at the start of the programme.  Parents/carers also sign a consent form when pupils apply to be part of the programme to enable data to be shared with the University of Sheffield.

You can see a copy of the Data Sharing Agreement in the 'Downloads' box to the right, along with details of our methods for securely sharing data between Partner Schools and the University of Sheffield and the Consent for Data Sharing Parents and Carers sign.