Endcliffe flats


Our University accommodation offers students a fantastic place to live with lots of opportunities to meet new people and get involved in a wide variety of activities and events.

There´s a whole team of dedicated staff there to help your son or daughter settle in and make the most of University life. Residence Mentors are students who live in the accommodation and are trained to offer welfare support – they´ve been first years too, so understand some of the issues that students moving away from home for the first time can face.

The safety and security of residents is a top priority and with extensive CCTV coverage, regular security patrols and a 24/7 response team, students feel safe and secure in their accommodation.

We offer a variety of room including, an en-suite room, rooms with a shared bathroom; deluxe rooms with a larger bed and studios for students looking for a bit more independence.

Both catered and self-catering accommodation is available. Catered students get an GeniUS card with a weekly budget to spend on food and (non-alcoholic!) drink in all withUS outlets across the residences and University campus. Students who prefer self-catering can buy a GeniUS card too, so you´ll always know they´re eating well and are never far from a home-cooked meal.

As well as offering some of the best accommodation in the UK, Sheffield also offers one of the best guarantees of any UK University, guaranteeing all new students a room, including local students. International students are guaranteed a room for the duration of their course. There´s also a wide range of accommodation options for returning students including second years, final year students and postgraduates.

Under 18s policy

Accommodation Services has a policy for allocating accommodation to students who will be under the age of 18 when they start their studies.

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